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United Physio aims to optimise recovery in every individual and treat every injury specifically to achieve the best possible outcome. Treatments and time frames can vary from person to person. To achieve this therefore treatment sessions may vary slightly in duration.  

Initial Consultation   -     $120

Concessions     -     $85

Allow approximately 45 minutes to ensure a detailed assessment can be carried out, as well as treatment. 

Follow up session     -     $95

Allow approximately 30 - 40 minutes for a treatment session. This can vary slightly depending on the problem and length of time to address/improve it. 

School children / Full time education. Initial consultations and follow up sessions.  


Medicare       -    $36 gap fee

For Medicare treatment sessions (requiring a Dr's referral and EPC / CPM care plan) there is a gap fee of $36 per treatment session, payable on the session date. 

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