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Musculoskeletal Injuries

United Physio accepts all types of sports injuries from acute muscle strains and ligament sprains to orthopaedic post-operative management and rehabilitation. Ensuring an athlete, at whatever level they may be, either professional or purely recreational, is fit to return to their sport or activity as soon as possible.


Athletic Screening

Whole body Athletic screening is an assessment tailored to the individual and their specific sport or activity. The process is designed to detect body dysfunction prior to injury and therefore target training practices and procedures in order to both prevent injury and optimise performance.

Work injuries / compensation

United Physio treatment can offer a smooth transition to returning to work following a work place related injury. As well as offering treatment of the current injury we also focus on education and preventative strategies to reduce the likelihood of the injury returning. 


Under the current Chronic Disease Management Program, a GP can refer for up to 5 physiotherapy sessions of which medicare can be bulk billed for the majority of the costs.       (a small gap fee applies). 

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